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What is a Qualifying Transaction?

A Qualifying Transaction occurs when (1) an end user makes a purchase within 24 hours after clicking your link for a “Buy It Now” item, (2) an end user places a bid on an “Auction” item within 24 hours after clicking your link and wins that auction within 10 days, or (3) a seller accepts a “Best Offer” placed within 24 hours after clicking your link.

For Qualifying Transactions, you receive a percentage of the sale price of the item, depending on the category and the eBay site where it was purchased – see the Rate Card here. Note that there are certain items and categories for which eBay earns low or no revenue; in such cases, you will therefore earn low or no commissions. These items and categories may include, but are not limited to gift cards, items sold by charities, and a small sub-set of special promotional deals. Full details are in our Network Agreement.
Please Note: If an end user has clicked on multiple links from different affiliates prior to a Qualifying Transaction (resulting in multiple cookies placed on the end user’s computer), eBay Partner Network shall only compensate the affiliate whose link was the last clicked by the end user so long as the applicable Advertiser did not conduct any promotional activities (a) subsequent to such click and prior to the Qualifying Transaction and (b) that would have placed a cookie overwriting the cookie from the last affiliate’s link.

Gwen visited your site looking to compare toaster ovens. She noticed the ad you have for a highly-recommended Breville and clicked through your link to eBay. Your cookie is now on her computer. She looks at a few options on eBay, opens a new browser to Amazon, and shops a few department store websites. The eBay deal appeals to her with its low price of $199.99 and free shipping, but she's not yet ready to buy. She closes her browser, shuts off her computer, and has dinner. The next morning, she's decided: She'll spurge and get it. She boots up her computer, launches her browser, goes to eBay, finds the toaster oven presented to her by eBay which is showing her recently viewed items. She clicks and buys.  That's a qualifying transaction for you!  She has made a purchase with 24 hours. The item is one that pays commissions.

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