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Smart Placements Quick Start Guide

Smart Placements empowers you to choose to display listings through banner ads that either match your search criteria, or that match each of your visitors’ individual web activity with our instant “Auto-Optimization” feature. Pick from 3 different banner sizes, 7 different logo colors, and a variety of fonts to integrate each banner ad with your look and feel.

To get started with the Smart Placements Tool:

  1. Log in to your EPN account:
  2. Select “Smart Placements” from the Tools dropdown menu:
  3. Or you can also select “All Tools” from the Tools dropdown menu, and click the Open button under Smart Placements.
  4. Select Create New Banner.
  5. The Smart Placements setup screen will appear.
  6. Select the Program & Campaign to which this banner should be assigned. Both have a drop-down menu that lists all programs and campaigns from your account.
  7. Enter your Banner Title. This is only for your reference and will be visible in the banner itself.
  8. Add your desired Search Term(s). You can use search operators (Boolean logic), quotation marks for an exact match to your phrase, parentheses for either/or terms, and a minus sign for “not.” Learn more about eBay’s Advanced Search.
  9. Select your Categories. You can leave it as “All Categories” or choose a single category.
  10. Select a Banner Size. We offer:
    • 900 x 220 (horizontal)
    • 300 x 750 (vertical)
    • 300 x 250 (rectangle, best for mobile devices)
    • Custom Size

    The 900x220 banner size is responsive, which means that if your website has been built with a responsive design, your banner will adapt to your web page’s container up to a maximum width of 900 pixels and a minimum height of 220 pixels.

    The Custom Size enables you to adjust banner dimensions to ensure it is the perfect size and shape to engage with your visitors. To use this size option, you will need to add a DIV with width and height to the Smart Placements code that you’ll be adding to your site. Please also note that there is a minimum size for Custom Size, which is 300x200.

    If you use the Custom Size option, you will need to use the following format when placing the Smart Placements code on your site:

    <div width=x height=y>
    <ins class="epn-placement" data-config-id="your config id"></ins>
  11. Choose the Logo color.
  12. You can now click the Preview button to see how your ad looks.
  13. Decide if you want to Auto-Optimize This Ad Banner (Learn more about Auto-Optimization ).
  14. For this feature, you have three options:
    • Retarget my site visitors in real-time will identify visitors who have previously been to eBay and precisely display a banner with the best listings for that individual.
    • Use products that match the context of my site (English only) will display results based on the content of your site to visitors who are not known eBay users.
    • Back up my keywords with category results will ensure that if your combination of search terms and categories returns no (or too few) results, an ad will display showing broader results from your chosen category.
  15. Click the Save button and your banner will save (or missing entries will be highlighted with red boxes).

Dynamically Update Banners Locally

Partners can also dynamically update keywords and categories without having to log in to the portal. You can add parameters to the Smart Placements code that you put into the body of your site that will dynamically overwrite the keyword(s) associated with that banner.

The parameter for the keyword is “data-keyword” and the category ID is “data-category-id”. These are independent and can be used on their own or combined.

For example, this is what the code would look like if you were going to use the keyword parameter and add “iphone 11” as a keyword:

<ins class="epn-placement" data-config-id="YOURCONFIGID" data-keyword="iphone 11" ></ins>

This is what the code would look like if you were going to also use the category parameter:

<ins class="epn-placement" data-config-id="YOURCONFIGID" data-keyword="iphone 11" data-category-id="9355 | 11450"></ins>

You can select one or many category IDs, separated by a “ | “. This also allows you to be more specific with the categories you select. The Smart Placements interface only allows the meta category to be selected, but this parameter allows any category ID to be picked.

What is a Category ID, and how do you find them?

The Category ID is the numeric ID for an eBay category. For example, the ID for the category “Art, Art Prints” in the US is 360, and the ID for the category “Cell Phones & Smartphones” is 9355.

To find a Category ID, the easiest way is to browse to the category and copy the ID from the URL. For example, if you want to edit your banner to display hot holiday toys, you could refer to the URL ( ) and see that the Category ID is 19068. 

One thing of which you should be mindful is that Category IDs vary by country.  For instance, “Antiques” in the US is 20081, but in France, it's “Art, Antiquités” and the Category ID is 353. If you use the wrong Category ID, you won’t get the desired results in your Smart Placements banner.

While it’s not frequent, Category IDs can change over time, so you should keep up with category changes as consumer products diversify or we reorganize categories to better suit customer searches and needs.