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Once I’ve earned commissions, how and when will I be paid?

In order to be paid, you have to enter in your Payment Information, and submit the relevant Tax document.
The eBay Partner Network pays out commissions once per month, but only for accounts that have earned more than 10 units of their payment currency (for example, 10 dollars in the United States). If you do not earn 10 units of your home currency in the pay period, the outstanding balance is carried to the next pay period. You will get paid once your total outstanding balance is greater than 10.

For example, if in month one your earnings were 5, you would not be paid in that payment cycle. The 5 would become your outstanding balance. If you earn 8 in month two, your total outstanding balance is now 13, and you would be paid the 13 in the next payment cycle.

Once per year, towards the end of the year, we remove this threshold and pay out every publisher regardless of the amount of outstanding balance.

Payments typically go out on the 10th of the month for the month before the previous month. For example, your January earnings will be paid on March 10. If the 10th is on a weekend or holiday, the eBay Partner Network will typically pay on the next business day.Also see:
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