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Bookmarklet Tool Quick Start Guide

A bookmarklet is a small Javascript app that runs within a browser. Our Bookmarklet Tool provides a quick way to easily create affiliate links to any page on eBay from any browser. 

To create a bookmarklet:

  1. Log into the eBay Partner Network portal at .

  2. Select Bookmarklet Tool from the Tools drop-down menu:

  3. You will see a drop-down menu on the page, which you can use to select the campaign to which any links created with the bookmarklet should be attributed:
    select campaign

  4. Select the campaign from the drop-down menu and you will see an icon that you can drag onto your bookmarks menu:
    bookmarklet icon

  5. Drag that icon to your bookmarks bar, and you will see this icon when you have completed this step:
    bookmarklet icon

Using the Bookmarklet Tool

  1. When you find an item you want to share with your audience, just click that icon in your browser toolbar, and it will immediately create an affiliate link you can share:creating an affiliate link with the bookmarklet tool

  2. Copy and paste that link wherever you promote eBay products, whether that's your site, blog, or social media feed.

  3. You can also click the icon next to "Advanced" to get JavaScript/HTML code.

Note: Be aware that when you change campaign names, it will not automatically be updated in the bookmarklet.