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All About Tracking

You make money on the eBay Partner Network by placing eBay links and advertisements on your web site. EPN uses cookies to track the visitors that come from your web site and their activities on eBay, such as making bids and purchases. Links are tracked by ID and by program.

How is my traffic tracked by ID?

EPN tracks your users' activity according to two alphanumeric IDs. You can use these IDs to monitor your traffic and your revenues using reports.

  • Campaign ID - A 10-digit number that identifies your campaign. Campaign ID is a required field for all EPN links. Your first Campaign ID is created for you when you create an eBay Partner Network account. You can create additional Campaign IDs as required. In addition to the numeric Campaign ID, you can also assign an alphanumeric campaign name.
  • Custom ID - An alphanumeric identifier of up to 256 characters you create to identify your eBay Partner Network traffic. Custom ID is an optional field. Some partners use it, others do not.

Use Custom IDs to track your traffic within a campaign or across multiple campaigns. For example, you might have a Campaign ID to identify the traffic from a particular web site, but use a Custom ID to track traffic that comes specifically from the home page. Additionally, you might use a Custom ID to indicate traffic that comes from your home page across multiple web sites, even if each site used its own Campaign ID.

How is my traffic tracked by program?

Program-specific links only track actions for the corresponding site (i.e., eBay US links track actions on The program is indicated by the Rotation ID  parameter in the EPN link.

What is the tracking cookie?

The eBay Partner Network tracks traffic by placing a cookie on a user's computer. We look for purchases that happen as a direct result of the publisher’s marketing efforts. Publishers are compensated a percentage of the sale price for all qualifying transactions within a 24-hour referral period, even if auctions take up to 10 days to end.

Why is my traffic not tracking correctly?

A number of issues can cause transactions not to track correctly. The eBay Partner Network does not evaluate transaction tracking issues on a case-by-case basis. The most common issues that cause transactions not to track correctly include:

  • Links are formatted incorrectly.
  • Campaign IDs are incorrect.
  • A user clicks an affiliate link and then clears his or her cookies before completing a transaction.
  • A user clicks a link on one affiliate's site, and then clicks a link on another affiliate's link before completing a transaction. Only the most recent click is credited with the transaction.