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Smart Share Quick Start Guide

With Smart Share, you can easily find items, share links, and earn commissions as you visit any page on eBay. Getting started involves three steps:

  • Installing Smart Share in your Chrome browser

  • Connecting Smart Share with your partner account

  • Using Smart Share and its Deal Flag feature

Installing Smart Share in your Chrome browser

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser (or download and install it, if you don't have it already)

  2. Download Smart Share by eBay from the Chrome extension store. If you have a different browser set to open links by default, just right-click on the download link, copy the link, and paste it into Chrome.

  3. Click the Add to Chrome button:

  4. A pop-up dialog will confirm you want to add the extension. Click the Add extension button:
  5. After you click that button, the Smart Share icon should appear in your browser. If you don’t see it there, you can click the three vertical dots at the top right of your browser and find it under Extensions. You can also left-click on the extension and drag the icon where you want it to appear in your browser toolbar.

    Note: The Chrome browser on mobile devices does not support extensions, so you won't be able to install it on any mobile devices.

Connecting Smart Share with your partner account

  1. Click the Download your Campaigns button on the Smart Share portal page:
    Download your campaigns
  2. A text file that begins with "EPN_CAMPAIGNS_" followed by today's date will immediately download to your default download location.
  3. Click the Smart Share icon in your Chrome toolbar to open the extension, which will bring up this welcome screen:
    Smart Share browser welcome screen
  4. Click the Upload button.
  5. Select the text file you recently downloaded  (that starts with EPN_CAMPAIGNS) in the dialog box, and it will immediately upload.
  6. You should see the filename of your campaigns file appear under the Upload button:
    Campaigns file uploaded
  7. Click Continue.
  8. You will see the following dialog if you did everything correctly:
    Smart Share installed properly

Using Smart Share and its Deal Flag feature

When you’re browsing eBay, and find an item you want to share:
  1. You can click the Smart Share extension in your Chrome browser to open Smart Share, and it will open the following interface:
    Smart Share interface
  2. Select the campaign to which you want to assign this item using the "Pick a campaign" drop down.
  3. And the personalized affiliate link for your item will now be updated with that campaign and ready to share. Click the Copy Link button to copy the link to your clipboard. The button text will change to Copied after you click it.
  4. With the URL in your clipboard, you can use Ctrl-V to paste the affiliate link for that item anywhere you want your audience to find it.
You can also share your link directly onto Facebook or Pinterest by clicking the logo for either platform directly under Your Personalized Link.
  • To share on Facebook, click the Facebook icon, and once you're logged in, a new post is already started with your affiliate link to that item already included and ready for you to post.
  • To share on Pinterest, click the Pinterest icon, and once you're logged in, Pinterest will let you pick which image you want to use for the item you selected, and then you can share it.
Using the Deal Flag feature
To see which deals are commissionable, you need to turn on the Deal Flag in your extension settings:
  1. Right click on the Smart Share icon in your browser toolbar to show its menu, and select Options:
    Smart Share browser options
  2. A new page will open with the option to Enable Deal Flag. Select the box to enable it:enable deal flag
  3. Send a request to Customer Support requesting approval for Deal Flag access. 
  4. After you are given access to Deal Flag, you can go to the eBay Deals pages in either the US or Canada, and make sure you're signed in to the eBay account associated with your EPN account. When you're signed in, any commissionable items will include a green star and the word Commissionable in the bottom left corner. 
  5. Commissionable item
  6. Once you find a commissionable deal you want to share, just click through to that item, and select the Smart Share icon from your browser toolbar to get the affiliate link to share for that item.

Updating Smart Share

Smart Share functions independently of your partner account, so you will need to update it to include your current campaigns.

To update your campaigns:
  1. Click the Download your Campaigns button on the Smart Share portal page.
  2. Click the Smart Share toolbar icon in your Chrome browser.
  3. On the Smart Share screen, select Settings at the top right, and then click Upload:
  4. Select the text file you recently downloaded (that starts with EPN_CAMPAIGNS) in the dialog box, and it will immediately upload.
  5. You should see your updated list of campaigns under "Your campaigns" on that screen, as well as the date and time they were last updated.
You can also choose your preferred language under the “Settings” menu. That setting does not change the language or eBay site that you’ve set in your Campaigns, only what language will appear in the browser extension.

Rating Smart Share
After you’ve had a chance to experience our Chrome extension, please return to the Chrome web store to rate the extension and share your insights.