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How do I earn a commission?

How Do I Earn a Commission?

A commission is earned when a user is directed to eBay by clicking on one of your affiliate links and they make a purchase within 24-hours. eBay offers billions of listings to choose from and promote online on your website, social media feed, etc. 


Follow the below steps, to promote and earn commission with the eBay Partner Network. 

What to Promote?


Choose from the eBay site, the product or category you want to promote. For more ideas on what to promote, please take a look at Understanding Page Types


The commission you earn is based on the category of items people purchase when shopping on eBay after clicking on one of your links. To get the details about the commission rates by category, please refer to - How do I access the Rate Card?



Sign up to the eBay Partner Network


Next you need to create an account on the eBay Partner Network. If you are already registered with eBay, you can use the same email address to register with EPN. To know more about how to create an account, please refer to - Getting Started.


How to Promote?


You need an affiliate link to promote the products listed on eBay. You can create an affiliate link using the tools the eBay Partner Network provides. To know more please read - How Do I Create an Affiliate Link?


Where to Promote?


There are multiple ways to promote online. You can promote or sell the products listed on eBay via your websites, blogs, social media campaigns, and many more. 


You can choose any form of promotions available in the market but in line with the eBay Guidelines. To get more details on eBay terms and conditions, please read - Network Agreement. 


Commission Example


You have a blog focused on weddings. A wedding dress you feature with an eBay Partner Network link has a Buy it Now price of $1000 on A user clicks on your link and buys the dress right away, well within 24 hours of clicking. The wedding dress is in the "Fashion" category and "Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories" sub-category. In the US, this earns a commission of 6% of the sale price, so you'd generate $60 in earnings.