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For US Sellers: how can I identify which of my transactions earned the 0% final value fee seller incentive credit?

If you are a US Seller and part of the eBay Partner Network, if you drive Qualifying Transactions for your own listings, you will earn a credit equal to the final value fee for that item. More details are here on the Seller Center .

The way this will work is that after the month's activity locks (each month locks 30 days from the last day of that month) there will be a "Bonus" added to the eBay Partner Network, which will cover all the 'final value fee credits' for every transaction that qualified.

If you want to see which individual transactions were part of that "Bonus" you'll have to compare reports from the eBay Partner Network system and from your Seller account.

1- From your eBay Partner Network account, run a Transaction Detail Report for the appropriate date range, and export the results to Excel.

2- From your Seller account, get your activity for the same time period. Make sure it includes the Item ID and Transaction ID.

3- Match the two reports - any transaction that is in both reports means that it was an item you sold where the sale came through your eBay Partner Network link.

4- The total credit for that month should be the total final value fees for all the transactions that matched in step 3.

If you run into any issues figuring out which transactions qualified for the final value fee seller incentive, please open a support ticket so we can help investigate.