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Dynamic Feed Generator Quick Start Guide

The Dynamic Feed Generator enables you to create a trackable feed URL that provides users with dynamic eBay listing content on your web site. The RSS feed created by this tool provides live eBay listing information, such as a gallery image, price, end date, and a link to add items to a user's eBay watch list. You can also use this data to build customized ads for your site.

How do I create a dynamic feed?

To generate a feed:

  1. On the partner portal, select Dynamic Feed Generator under the Tools drop-down menu:
    dynamic feed menu selection
  2. On the Dynamic Feed Generator page, there are four sections you will need to fill out to create your feed:
    • Affiliate Details
    • Ad Content
    • Advanced Search
    • Generate Code
  3. In the Affiliate Details section, fill out the following fields as required:
    affiliate details section
    • Program - Determines the regional web site from which to pull content.
    • Feed Type - Select All eBay Inventory or Deals
    • Campaign Name or ID - Select one of your existing campaigns to associate with this feed.
    • Custom ID - If you want to assign a unique Custom ID to associate with this RSS feed, enter it here. You can enter an existing Custom ID, or create a new one.
  4. In the Ad Content section, you will need to fill out the following fields:
    ad content field
    Search Criteria
    • Category Name or ID - You can use the drop-down menu to select the categories you want to include as part of your search criteria, up to a total of three categories.
    • Keywords - Determine what items your feed will display based on your desired keywords. You can also restrict that keyword search by clicking the “Search Title and Description” checkbox. You can add additional keywords by using the tab key. 
    Search Exclusions
    • Category Name or ID - Filters out the categories from which you do not want results in your feed.
    • Keywords - Excludes search results that include any keywords you specify. For example, if you enter "pink" in this field, all search results with the word "pink" will be excluded. If you enter "hot pink" in the field, all search results with both the word "hot" or the word "pink" will be excluded. You can add additional keywords by using the tab key.
  5. Advanced Search - This lets you further tune your feed with the following options:
    advanced search options
    Seller ID(s) - Limit your feed results to only the sellers you include in this field. Separate individual sellers with a comma.

    Sort By - Determine how to sort your search results, by using:
    • Best Match - Sorts results based on the closeness of the match to your search terms. Items that most closely match the search terms appear at the top of the list.
    • Items Ending First - Sorts results based on the auction end date. Auctions ending soonest appear at the top of the results.
    • Newly-Listed Items First - Sorts results based on the listing date and time. Items that were listed more recently appear at the top of the list.
    • Price + Shipping: Lowest First - Sorts results from lowest to highest price, with lower-priced items appearing first.
    • Price + Shipping: Highest First - Sorts results from highest to lowest price, with higher-priced items appearing first.
    Price Range - Limit results that are under a specific minimum price and/or over a maximum price. Entries must be whole numbers.

    Distance - Show items within a certain number of miles from a specific ZIP or postal code.

    You can also tune you feed to show:
    • All Listings
    • Auction Only
    • Buy It Now Only

    You can also select Item Options by selecting the checkbox to:
    • Only Include Items with Free Shipping
    • Only Include Items with PayPal
    • Only Include Items from Top Rated Sellers
  6. Generate Code - Once you’ve made all of your dynamic feed selections, there are only two last steps:
    generate code
    From the dropdown menu, select RSS as your preferred feed format. At present, it is the only format available.

    Click the Generate Link button.

    After you click the button, there will be a form under “Copy your generated RSS Feed URL” that contains the URL to the feed you just created, as well as a sample of how your feed is performing directly underneath the Feed URL, so you can tune it further to get your desired results.
  7. Copy that URL onto your site, apps, feeds, or social networks, and you're ready to go.

What are the main benefits of the Dynamic Feed Generator?

The Dynamic Feed Generator enables you to:
  • Access basic eBay listing information without using an API
  • Showcase the latest deals
  • Pick the elements you want to show on your web page
  • Show live eBay listings based on your search criteria
  • Use CSS to add your own style

Do I need additional software or code to display my RSS feed?

Once you generated the RSS feed URL, you will need an RSS parser to incorporate the data into your site. You can either build a parser or download one. There are many free or inexpensive parsers available for all of the popular programming languages. A search for "RSS parser" and your programming language ("PHP RSS parser," for example) will show you some of the options you have available for your application.

How do I track impressions for an RSS feed?

The Dynamic Feed Generator only creates a URL that you display using an RSS feed parser, the Dynamic Feed Generator does not provide the code for an Impression Pixel. You can use a unique Custom ID to track the effectiveness of your RSS feeds in your performance reports.