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Data Feed Quick Start Guide

By default, partners do not have access to the Data Feed tool.

As with APIs, the Data Feed requires programming knowledge. They are great for high-volume sites, especially those that cannot work within the 1.5 million API calls per day limit. Many publishers use one or more of these feeds, along with API calls, to provide a highly customized experience for their audience.

You can request access to the Data Feed by using this link to tell us how you plan to use it.

Once the Data Feed tool is enabled for your account, you can select it from the Tools drop-down in the partner portal:

product feed menu selection

The tool provides two types of feeds - “New Items By Date”, which includes all new listings from the previous day, and “All Items”, which include all listings from the previous day.

product feed tool UI

Each feed provides details about eBay listings in a compressed, tab-delimited text file. The columns used in each type of feed will be different, and determined by the type of listings in that feed. For example, the Motors feed will contain a Mileage column, but this column will not be in the Fixed Price feed because most items for sale on eBay do not have any mileage.

eBay has optimized many feeds to display only top-converting items and those with multiple quantities to ensure the best inventory. “All Items” feeds also include a field for itemScore that ranges from 1-1000, where a higher score indicates the item is more likely to be bought.

‘All Items’ Feeds

The “All Items” feeds can contain millions of listings. Some of the files can be quite large (upwards of 2GB) depending on the type of feed and the volume of items in a category.

all items feed
To create an All Items feed:
  1. Select the program from which you want the feed, such as eBay US.
  2. Select All Items as the Feed Type.
  3. All Items feeds are available for the Fashion, Electronics, and Home & Garden categories. Select whichever categories for which you to generate downloadable feeds.
  4. Once you select a category, you can click the Generate Links button:
    generate feed link
  5. Your downloadable feed links will appear immediately. Click the link and it will download:
    download feed
‘New Items By Date’ Feeds

To create New Item By Date feeds:
  1. Select the program from which you want the feed, such as eBay US.
  2. Select New Items By Date as the Feed Type.
  3. Under the Feed Name, a drop-down menu will appear. The first option is Fixed Price Items, followed by six curated feeds for motors, fashion, and consumer electronics. If you select anything except Fixed Price Item, you will just need to select the Feed Date, and then download your feed:
    feed category options
  4. If you select Fixed Price Items, you will be presented with a range of categories to select:
    fixed price options
  5. Select the categories for which you want fixed price feeds. You can select All Categories or as many individual categories as you want. Each selection will result in a separate download, and won’t be combined into one.
  6. Select the Feed Date you want to generate.
  7. Select Generate Links, and download your individual feeds.

About Feeds

While “All Items” feeds are curated to include items that eBay believes will convert the best, there are also filtering best practices that you can implement. These include, but are not limited to:
  • Top Rated Seller: These are listings created by sellers who continuously deliver outstanding customer experiences. They provide same-day or one-day handling, offer a 14-day return policy, create accurate and complete listings, use high-quality imagery, and provide great customer service.
  • Free Shipping: Listings that offer this option attract more buyers and get higher placement in search results (New Items By Date feeds: 0 = false, 1 = true; All Items feeds: N = false, Y = true).
  • Item Quantity: Listings with multiple quantities of items tend to convert better because the item is more likely to be available once your user clicks through. Item Quantity is an example of a field that could be checked against the API before displaying the listing to your users.
  • Item Score: The higher the score, the more likely the item is to convert.
In addition, you can use your reports to see how items promoted from these feeds convert.

Best Practices for Feeds

For more technologically sophisticated partners, using Feeds and APIs is a way to create completely customized experiences. You get access to the full breadth of eBay listing data, which can be used in a myriad of ways to creatively display relevant content to relevant audiences.

It does take technical skill (or access to a developer) to use APIs and/or Feeds to design and implement these customized solutions.

Note: The data contained in these feeds are confidential, and should only be used for the purpose of promoting eBay products. As a partner, you have already agreed to these terms in our Network Agreement.