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EPN links have several parameters that have to do with both where the link takes the user, and how we track the activity of that user after they click on the link.

Here is an example of an EPN link generated from the Link Generator for eBay US going to the home page:

Let’s look at the parts of this example link:

  • 711-53200-19255-0: this parameter is the Rotation ID, and indicates that this link is for the eBay US program. There will be different numbers for other eBay programs (eBay UK, eBay DE, etc.) As a reminder, if you get traffic from multiple countries and send them to multiple eBay sites, you should Geo-Target your links (What does it mean to “Geo-Target” a link?)

  • 1?icep_ff3=1: this parameter indicates where on the eBay site the link is going. This will also change depending on the type of link that’s generated, and from which tool.

  • Pub=1234567890: this is your unique publisher ID, which we use for tracking and reporting. You will see your ID in place of the 1234567890 in this example. Not all links contain your Publisher ID

  • toolid=10001: this indicates which tool generated the link. In this case it was from the Link Generator tool. There are different ID numbers for the other tools. This also allows you to look at a performance report broken out by tool. (Tool IDs)

  • campid=1234567890: this is the unique Campaign ID from your account. Every EPN link must be associated with a Campaign. (Campaign ID). Every link you create has a Campaign ID.

  • customid=: if you were using Custom IDs, this is where it goes in the link. (Custom IDs)

  • ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229466&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg: this parameter is about where on the eBay page the link will go. This will change depending on the kind of link – whether it goes to the home page, search results, etc.

Use a lot of caution if you decide to modify any parameter in the link. We suggest that you always get your EPN link from a tool provided by EPN, such as the Link Generator tool, or the Bookmarklet tool. We cannot guarantee tracking if the link has been modified.

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